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There are plenty of VPN service providers in the market that offer many options and features, such as different protocols and encryption settings.

This all matters if we talk in terms of service quality and security. Let's take a more detailed look.
Number of Devices
Supported protocols
IKEv2/Cisco *
Wireguard *
IKEv2/IPsec and OpenVPN *
Lightway *
Wireguard *
British Virgin Islands
British Virgin Islands
Advanced encryption
24/7 support
Free vs. Paid VPN
No usage logs
Free VPN
Unlimited bandwidth
High-speed server network
Dedicated apps
Powerful encryption
Block ads
24/7 live support
Log and track your activity
Limited data
Slow speeds
Browser extension only
Outdated technology
Sell data to advertisers
Non-customizable connections
No or limited support
Customizable connections
The reasons for VPNs being free
Everyone who tried to find a VPN solution had seen free options. So what’s the catch with a free one?
Logging your activities and monetizing your data are the most common things free VPN providers can do. Your browsing habits may also become a target for third-party bidders. The leaking of this sensitive data can be a reason for unwanted ads that may continue to appear inside or outside the app, even if you are not using VPN.
Data collection and advertising
Traffic substitutions and manipulations
Untrustworthy protocols
Substandard apps
Outsourced infrastructure
VPN Rentals Features
Public Wi-Fi protection
Unlimited bandwidth
Zero-logging VPN
Advanced encryption
Anonymous web-browsing
Multiple protocols
How to unblock websites
Why are websites blocked?
Censorship is not an unusual thing anymore. It became pretty easy to find yourself unable to access some favorite resources.
Why does it happen:
Some governments are trying to restrict access to resources from some unwanted countries due to political and/or economic reasons;
Some companies can limit employee access to several websites to help them focus on their work;
Different educational institutions can restrict access to social media, etc.
To avoid this, download a VPN Rentals app and try it for 1 day free of charge.
Which websites are usually blocked?
Social media
Dating websites
Gaming platforms
Video/music streaming
E-commerce and shopping
Adult websites
VPN Server
A VPN allows you to establish a secure connection and helps to protect all your data, no matter what type of platform or device you use.
Protects multiple devices
All your data is encrypted
No logs of your activity
24/7 customer support
Paid subscription with 1 day trial
Solutions for unblocking
Proxy Servers
Another way to mask your IP address and bypass geo-restrictions is a proxy server.
Easy setup and use
Free version available
Data is not always encrypted
Possible tracking and logs
Limited configurations/platforms
Does not offer high-speed
Be sure to know that free proxy services are not safe. Paid premium proxies cost higher than VPNs and are considered for a different type of use.
Tor Browser
A free and open-source browser for enabling anonymous Internet connection.
Free browser
Hides your information
Slows down your internet connection
Works with only one platform (Tor browser)
Not fully secure to use with HTTP sites
A possibility to be marked for surveillance
An Internet Archive, in a few words, is an archive for Internet websites. You can use it to find and access blocked content.
Not blocked
Outdated content (archived)
Some content might be missing (e.g images)
Limited functions
Not all websites are presented
Internet Archive
Free to explore
Without VPN
With VPN
Make your connection
private and secure
Hiding your real IP
No logs policy
Easy to set up
1-day trial option
Based in the USA